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Hanacoin is a digital currency sponsoring world champion athletes, providing an alternative to fiat currency.



About Hanacoin

Hanacoin has the flexibility to quickly adapt to the best technology available without the need for consensus from competing groups with their own motives.
Many coins have fallen victim to centralized mining and have a number of parties trying to take the coin in different directions.
This stifles innovation and the ability to quickly adapt to new technology.
Hanacoin is not affiliated with any financial organisation.



Our goal is to develop a coin that can:

  • Be used for instant transactions with minimal or no transaction fees,
  • Be adopted as the mainstream form of digital currency,
  • Integrate with existing tap and go payment systems,
  • Comply with and co-operate with regulators,
  • Use the best available technology.


At Hanacoin, the founders believe in supporting the community. That belief extends beyond the crypto-currency community.
We recognise our responsibility and ability to give back to the community.
Donating to charity reinforces our commitment that Hanacoin will have a positive social impact.
Hanacoin founders donate to charity each year and are striving to offer an arrangement for the Hanacoin community to be able to donate Hanacoins to charities.
Due to the volume of scams and KYC obligations, Charities have been reluctant to accept crypto as a form of donation. We will continue to explore this avenue.



Hanacoin is not a privacy coin and will comply with all Regulations and be a transparent coin with public ledgers.
Privacy and anonymity-oriented coins are becoming a pervasive and often contentious topic.
As a result, many figures in the media and government have cast a distrustful eye on such protocols fearing a new medium for illicit and illegal activity.
It is our belief Privacy coins will come under increased government scrutiny in the coming years.


  • 2017


    The Hanacoin idea was born

    • Assemble Team
    • Plan launch
    • Build concept
  • 2018


    Hard work pays off.
    Hanacoin was officially launched on 12th June 2018

    • Launch Coin
    • Desktop based wallet
    • Web and Mobile Wallet
    • Graduate program with universities
    • Engage advisors in local regions
    • Sponsorships
    • Donation agreement for charity
    • Review community feedback
    • Launch on Exchanges
    • Implement SegWit
  • 2019


    The year of Athletes

    • Increase marketing
    • Increase sponsorships
    • Release 0.17.1 update
    • Mobile Wallet
    • Web Wallet
    • Graduate program with universities
    • Donation agreement for charity (will not happen with KYC issues) team maintain personal contributions
    • Fork to Lyra2REv3
    • Increase exchange listings
    • Review local regulatory requirements
    • Review community feedback
    • Continual engagement with advisors
  • 2020


    Integration is key

    • Increase marketing
    • Increase sponsorships
    • Integrate with Tap & Go Payment system such as Korea Pay Services (KPS)
    • Review graduate program with universities
    • Fork coin to a new Algorithm
    • Mobile Wallet
    • Web Wallet
    • Increase exchange listings
    • Review local regulatory requirements
    • Review community feedback
    • Continual engagement with advisors
  • 2021


    Keep on fighting the good fight

    • Increase marketing
    • Increase sponsorships
    • Review graduate program with universities
    • Review donation agreement with charity
    • Review ASIC resistance
    • Increase exchange listings
    • Review community feedback
    • Review local regulatory requirements
    • Continual engagement with advisors
Coming in 2020

Hanacoin Mobile App

Based off BreadWallet


The Hanacoin mobile wallet will be launched on the Android platform

Store Hanacoin

Easily store your Hanacoin securely on your mobile device

Backup | Restore

Easy to use Backup and Restore function for your Hanacoin wallet

Electrum Based

Built using the tried and tested Electrum Bitcoin wallet


Supported by ElectrumX Node servers to ensure fast transaction speeds


Once the Android wallet is release, work will commence on the iOS version of the Hanacoin mobile wallet

Wallet setup is easy

Watch Our Video

To install the wallet follow the below steps:
Download the above "Windows" hanacoin-wallet-windows.zip file and extract.
Open 'hanacoin-release > bin and execute 'hanacoin-qt.exe'.
Follow instructions to download chain.
File > Receiving addresses.
Click your receiving address, click ‘copy’.
Save this address as this is your Hanacoin Wallet Address.
Download miner and start mining Hanacoin.
To backup wallet click ‘File > Backup Wallet’.
Save wallet backup to a secure location.

To update the wallet follow the below steps:
Backup your existing wallet.dat file and 'backups' folder.
Shutdown the Hanacoin wallet.
Download the above "Windows" hanacoin-wallet-windows.zip file and extract.
Open your current Hanacoin wallet folder.
Copy the 'bin', 'include', 'lib' and 'share' folders from the new hanacoin-wallet-windows download.
Paste these files into your existing hanacoin-wallet-windows folder and override.
Restart the Hanacoin wallet and check your balance has remained the same, also check the 'Help > About Hanacoin Core' window to confirm version is now 0.17.1.

*Note - There is no need to wait for chain sync to complete before mining.
*Note - Wallet uses Ports 9501 and 9502.

Download your wallet

Windows Linux OS X





Technical Details

Coin Details

  • Lyra2REv3 algorithm
  • 1.5 minute block targets
  • Subsidy halves in 1,225,000 blocks (~3 years)
  • 50 coins per block
  • Dark Gravity Wave V3 difficulty adjustment
  • 122,500,000 Total Coins
  • Ticker symbol HANA
  • SegWit active from block 635040.


With the rise of ASIC(Application Specific Integrated Circuit) mining, standard mining equipment can no longer compete with specially designed ASIC miners. Lyra2REv3 is designed to defend miners from this unfair competition. The algorithm is designed to be strictly sequential which allows a defence Scrypt-Adaptive-N Capable ASICs. Lyra2REv3 algorithm favours GPUs over CPUs. Lyra2REv3 consists of a series of hash functions: BLAKE, Lyra2mod, CubeHash, Lyra2mod and Blue Midnight Wish. Using Lyra2REv3 enables us to adjust the memory usage for mining along with adjusting a time cost, which allows us to stay ahead of development of ASIC. Support the Hanacoin project and earn Hanacoin by mining.

Dark Gravity Wave

Dark Gravity Wave (DGW) is an open source difficulty-adjusting algorithm for Bitcoin-based cryptocurrencies. Evan Duffield authored DGW as a response to a time-warp exploit found in Kimoto's Gravity Well. In concept, DGW is similar to Kimoto Gravity Well, adjusting the difficulty levels every block (instead of every 2016 blocks like Bitcoin) by using statistical data of the last blocks found. This allows block issuing times to remain consistent despite high fluctuations in hashpower, however, it doesn't suffer from the time-warp exploit. Version 3.0 was implemented on May 14 of 2014 to further improve difficulty re-targeting with smoother transitions. It also fixes issues with various architectures that had different levels of floating-point accuracy through the use of integers.

Mining Pools

Link Setup
YGBTC pool logo

-a lyra2v3 -o stratum+tcp://ygbtc.net:4433 -u WALLET_ADDRESS.WORKER -p c=HANA

Mecrypto Club

-o stratum+tcp://asia.mecrypto.club:6925 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=HANA

miningdutch logo

See mining pool for setup instructions

Blazepool logo

Please see Blazepool for configuration

Fairmine Pro logo

ccminer -a lyra2v3 -o stratum+tcp://eu1.fairpool.pro:4433 -u <BITCOIN_WALLET_ADDRESS< -p c=BTC,mc=HANA -R3

Coinminerz logo

-a lyra2v3 -o stratum+tcp://stratum.coinminerz.com:3355 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p x

CryptoGrinder logo

-o stratum+tcp://cryptogrinder.com:4433 -u WALLET_ADDRESS -p c=HANA

*Hanacoin can not vouch for the above mining pools.

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